Executive Lien & Contractor Services, Inc. is a lien service specializing in the protection of lien and bond rights on behalf of contractors and suppliers in the construction industry nationwide. Executive Lien has the resources, experience and expertise to effectively assist companies who provide labor, material and/or professional services to any project which may develop, build and/or improve land. We consider ourselves unique to other companies who offer to “paper” process and serve preliminary notices and mechanic’s liens, we offer an experienced staff which consists of a Certified Paralegal. We pride ourselves as one of the only Construction Lien Companies who have this type of knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Executive Lien offers a large variety of services to assist your company with setting standard procedure and working with our client’s staff to make the pre-lien, lien, and bond claim process as simple as it really is. We partner with our clients to achieve a common goal of protecting overall financial interests on any project our clients may be involved. We offer employee training and lien seminars to clients who may need help understanding the Lien and Bond Law process in any state.

Executive Lien & Contractor Services, Inc. offers an online interactive website that makes a request for service simple and easy. Just click on the FORMS section and select the type of request you need: Preliminary Notice, Stop Notice, Mechanic’s Lien, Lien Release, 90-Day Bond Letter, or Bond Claim. Complete as much information as you have, click submit and we do the rest!

If you have any questions, please contact us toll-free at (866) 707-5436 (LIEN).